How does the trial account work?

Sign up for a 14 day trial account.  No credit card required for trial accounts.  You can upgrade to a paid plan at any time.

I only have a single event so why a year long subscription plan?

Our annual pricing plans are very cost effective and less than what you would pay for a few months of our competitors.  We also want to make EasyREG available to your organization as your needs change during the year.

How can I keep my subscription plan at one level?

You can keep your plan price at one consistent level regardless of how much you use us by removing old, unwanted event forms and submissions from your account as you near your plan’s usage limits.  Which forms and submissions you keep is totally up to you.

What if I go over my usage limit while an event is running?

You will never miss a submission.  EasyREG will continue to accept your submissions while you adjust your plan or remove old events/submissions to get you back under your current plans limit.

Will my EasyREG subscription cost change?

No, your subscription price is locked in for 12 months.  We work hard to control our costs so your costs will remain reasonable and budget friendly.

Why would I want to keep my old event forms and submissions?

EasyREG provides many useful features that leverage your old events and submissions.  Keeping these allows you to email previous registrants to invite them to new events as well as reuse event items like forms, customized emails, wait list options, event fees and payment settings.  Reuse allows you to quickly create new events from old events.

How much storage do I need?

A normal event uses around 2 MB of space so normal allotments are generous for every plan.  If you send a lot of large attachments using our broadcast message feature or create forms where users are uploading files as a part of their registration, each of these files will be 2 MB on average.  This is where the space is taken up.

What if I want to cancel my subscription plan?

Trial subscriptions have no payment method and will expire after 14 days.  Plan subscriptions renew annually and allow you the opportunity to confirm or cancel the renewal.

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